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Featured Service - Rezoning
Signs of recovery are starting to appear, making now a great time to begin the rezoning process for your property. Depending on the complexity of the project and the jurisdiction in which it is located, the entitlement process could take as long as a year to complete. Beginning the preliminary site planning and preparing the necessary zoning documents today will put you in a position to break ground at the first sign of the market upswing.

Rezoning your property today:
Allows you to pursue alternate land uses in response to market demands.
May lead to an increase in property values.
May convince a jurisdiction to be flexible with zoning changes/conditions if they see it leading to increased tax revenue.

The Planning Center's Entitlement Services range from the preparation of specific plans for projects of several thousand acres and planned area developments (PADS) on urban infill properties to the processing of smaller-scale rezonings that may require large-scale public outreach efforts. We have provided these services for project sites in many jurisdictions throughout the state of Arizona (and beyond) and have an excellent track record for success. Our clients include Developers of Master-Planned Communities, Homebuilders, Specialized Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations, Individual Property Owners and Government agencies. Our staff maintains a broad base of expertise in site and land use planning, public participation, landscape architecture and graphic design. We work as a team with our clients to help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to find out more about the services we provide, visit our website at or contact us at (520) 623-6146.

Contact The Planning Center today to make your vision for your property a reality.

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Featured Project - Nogales General Plan
Nogales Banner The Planning Center is preparing an update for the City of Nogales' General Plan. The plan will incorporate sustainable principles of design and guide development, infill, revitalization, historic preservation and redevelopment efforts for the City. This project will allow the City of Nogales to become Arizona's premier international port of entry by establishing the policy direction necessary to accomplish the community's land use, economic development, historic preservation, environmental resource preservation, parks and recreation and sustainable goals. This process will solidify the city's long-term viability and livability based on the community vision and thorough analysis of opportunities and constraints.

The process will include a several day design charrette with representatives from Ambos (both) Nogales, the community and all applicable federal, state, regional and local agencies.

Maria Masque About the Project Manager
Maria Masque is a principal with The Planning Center and oversees the Community and Regional Planning Division of the firm. In addition, she coordinates outreach efforts, moderates high profile public participation programs, and serves as quality control officer for the long-range planning projects of the firm. She has 21 years of experience working in the planning field and has coordinated the preparation of more than 30 comprehensive and/or general plans, drafted regulations for more than 20 zoning codes, and prepared numerous redevelopment and revitalization plans and design guidelines.

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